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Folk å Rock, Malmö, Sweden [Postponed]

As part of this year's, 'Tyla Is 70' tour, Sean and the Tyla Gang visit Sean's second home - Malmö in southern Sweden. Tickets sell out very quickly at this particular venue so, get yours now.

East West Grill, Örebro, Sweden [Postponed]

Sean and the Tyla Gang love playing in Örebro which is pretty much in the middle of Sweden and the venue is always packed. Fantastic sushi and grills for a pre-show dinner. Book early.

Boom Boom Club, Sutton FC, Sutton, Surrey, UK

This is Sean Tyla's official 70th birthday gig and he will be backed by the Tyla Gang and friends from 50 years in the music business. It is also the first lunch time gig at this venue - ever - so book now.

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Sean works solo or in a duo with other musicians including Ducks Deluxe co-founder, Martin Belmont. You can always have the Tyla gang at your wedding or function too. Whatever your special event needs might be, we can find a solution for you. Just click on a contact link below.

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Pool Hall Punks [2016]

Live In Stockholm [2015]

Stereo tactics [2013]

Rewired [2010]

Moonproof [1978]

Yachtless [1977]

The Gang

In 2016 the Tyla Gang celebrates 40 years of existance. The line-up has remained pretty much the same down the years though our original bass player, Brian Turrington left in 1978 and was replaced by the the late, great Ken Whaley. Sadly, Ken is no longer with us and though Brian returned briefly to tour and record with us in 2010, he has been unwell for some time now. We are extremely lucky to have John Gordon sitting with us this year and who knows - he may stay.

Sean Tyla

Former Ducks Deluxe frontman, Sean Tyla co-founded the Tyla Gang with Canadian guitarist, Bruce Irvine and ex Winkies drummer, Michael Desmarais 40 years ago in 1976.

Bruce Irvine

Ex-Toronto, Canada native, Bruce Irvine came to London in 1975 and joined forces with Sean and Michael a year later. Irreplaceable, he has handled the band's principal guitar duties ever since.

Michael Desmarais

Born on the island of Nevis in the West Indies, the former Winkie's skins man brings a distinctive carribean pot pourri of punchy rhythms to rock drumming. It's Michael's indelible trademark.

John Gordon

John's CV reads like a Rock n' Roll Who's Who. He has worked with Alan Price, Bill Haley, Wanda Jackson, Joe Brown, Mick Moody, Bernie Marsden, Mick Abrahams, Paul Jones and many more.


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